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Get started with value investing now

Value investing is a practice. Value investing is spending an absurd, blissful amount of time diving into a company, sector and industry and really understanding the business, the management, and the way they allocate the company’s capital to grow the company in the long term and if the company is a cash compounding machine (as Mohnish Pabrai aims for).  You want to find a wonderful company, a company that is within your circle of competence and in sync with your personal values. Circle of competence means that it’s within an industry or sector you know – for example if you’re in the building industry you might know and prefer to use certain materials, if you’re a nurse or doctor, there are treatments that you know really works and if you work with marketing, there might be communications bureaus that you believe is going to crush it in the future. Study the companies that you know and value – maybe one of them turns out to be a winner on all the parameters described in the first parag

How I discovered value investing

I’ll never forget the day I discovered value investing, my investing style of preference. Because it changed my life. It changed how I view the world; my relationship money and what success looks like for me. It’s about growth and learning.  It was summer, my husband and kids were at the grandparents, so I had plenty of time on my own. My plan was to enjoy the days of solitude by reading a couple of books on my booklist.  On July 13th 2019, I opened the book “Invested” by Danielle Town and Phil Town for the first time and by that action I opened a whole new chapter of my life. I found a new passion and was rekindled with a passion I had almost forgotten: reading. It was like the universe coming together and I was ripe and ready to receive. I’m so incredibly grateful because it was the perfect timing to open that book.  In the book Phil Town, a long-time investor, teaches his lawyer daughter, Danielle, about investing – the Warren Buffett-Charlie Munger style of investing. On page 23 wa

Why Aahus Investing? From failure to future

Aahus Investing is the name of my venture and with a name like that there must be a story, right? Aahus Investing is built on a foundation of failure.  Back in 2011 I bought a couple of web domains for investing purposes. I had read some stories about how big companies would buy domains for a large sum and I wanted to jump on the wagon and earn some easy money.  However, to this day I know nothing about selling domains and I had no idea what I got myself into. So, today 10 years after, I still have some of the domains I purchased back then. I have 32 domains left and only 1 contact to purchase (which was right after I purchased a domain and for the price I paid), and 3 domains I’ve used for blogs. It wasn’t until I learned about “real” investing that I found out that   Investing is knowing what you’re doing, and the rest is just speculation.  To remember this important learning, I’ve decided to use one of the web domains for my investing venture instead of buying a new domain. I google