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How to mitigate risks when investing

Did you find a wonderful company ? Isn’t it an awesome company – it’s got it all! Well, now you have to build a case to why your new love isn’t as perfect as you had thought... ”You must force yourself to consider opposing arguments. Especially when they challenge your best-loved ideas.” Charlie Munger This is a very difficult exercise because you’ve probably already spent a lot of time studying your company. Most people do not like to have spent a lot of time on something and then drop it. It’s perfectly human to not like this exercise, but if you don’t want to lose money, now is the time to be brutally honest about why this business is not so wonderful. The most important question you can ask here is: What are the risks of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in this industry? A key performance indicator is a company’s defined goals that every employee in the organization work towards and different industries have their own key performance indicators. For example, for social media n

Where does Warren Buffett live? Your itinerary to Omaha

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Warren Buffett’s hometown Omaha in Nebraska, this is what you absolutely must do while you’re visiting: Scroll down for more photos of his house Warren Buffett’s Home 5505 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 68132 You may think that a billionaire like Warren Buffett lives in a mansion in a gated community. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. His house is a modest home in a quiet neighborhood of Omaha. It’s only a few minutes from Downtown Omaha yet the neighborhood is calm and quiet and absolutely lovely. It takes Warren Buffett approximately 7 minutes to drive from home to work at the Berkshire Hathaway HQ (unless he stops by at McDonalds – read below) One thing I thought was sweet was the water dispenser for passing-by pets on the sidewalk outside the gate. Gorat's Steakhouse 4917 Center St, Omaha, NE 68106 My husband and I had the most amazing experience at Gorat’s Restaurant, which is one of Buffett’s favorite places, where he takes family m

My Meeting with Guy Spier

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure to speak to Guy Spier, value investor, hedge fund manager of Aquamarine Capital, author of The Education of a Value Investor and acquaintance of Warren Buffett. Guy Spier by Horasis on Flickr Every morning, when I think about things I’m grateful for, the day when I received the email from Guy Spier often pops up in my grateful mind. I saw the mail in the afternoon and thought it was his newsletter and decided to wait to open it until the evening when I was off work and kids were in bed. Guy Spier’s newsletters are quite thorough and full of wisdom, and they take time to read because they’re packed with valuable information and links to resources that I always want to dive into, so I usually allocate a couple of hours to read the newsletter. If you want to subscribe, click here  – if you prefer auditory knowledge, Guy Spier has a podcast ( click here to listen and subscribe to his podcast). "For  most  people,  attaining  the  intellec

New, long video interviews with Warren Buffett released

The 2017 HBO documentary "Becoming Warren Buffett" by Peter Kunhardt is a biography of Warren Buffett's life. New footage from the documentary was recently released on YouTube and I've created a playlist will all the interviews. In the playlist you'll find a total of 2,5 hours interview with Warren Buffett, full interview with Charlie Munger, Susie Buffett and other family members as well as close friends. Click on the link to the playlist to watch this treasure trove of interviews:  

How to invest like the super investors

Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger are the world’s most successful investors over time, and you can follow what they invest in through the company “Berkshire Hathaway”. If you learn from the best in the world, you’ll get excellent results and you can copy the exact same trades as Buffett and Munger. Yes, you read that right: you can buy the same wonderful businesses that Berkshire Hathaway buys. Though you have to wait a few months to have visibility into what Munger and Buffett bought, you’ll find that most of the time the price of the business is still favorable because fewer people than you might expect follow this strategy. 13F forms are filed up to 45 days after the end of a quarter and the next 13F reports for second quarter 2021 are published on August 16th 2021. Warren Buffett. Photo by Aaron Friedman Every quarter the investments of super investors must be filed through the 13F form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All institutional invest