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How Design Your Life by Setting Goals

A lot of people are getting ready for the new year and making New Year’s resolutions. But a study has found that 90% of people don’t continue a new year’s resolution beyond the first couple of weeks. The conclusion of the study was that the ones that failed had no plan and they had no “why”. With my goal setting workshop, you’re more likely to succeed because you must not only find the goal but also ask yourself why you’re committed to achieving these goals. I’ve created a Goal Setting Workshop that you can download for free – read this article first (because there’s some additional information here) and then use the guide when you’re ready for setting the goals. If you talk about it, it's a dream. If you envision it, it's possible. When you schedule it, it's real. Tony Robbins Don’t overthink it – it’s usually your first idea that you should go with – even if the idea seems either like a stretch or too small a goal. Because it’s the likely thing that will drive you and sm

Conquering The Fear of Missing Out

“The most stressful thought I have about not investing in stocks is that I’m missing out” Christal said when we talked about investing. Like so many people Christal knows that she should start investing because it would improve the life for her and the family. She explains that she is in a situation where it’s stressful to think about NOT investing but also stressful to start because she feels that there’s such a high barrier to entry. “I have a feeling that if I started, I would actually be good at investing, but I lack knowledge and basic steps of how I get started”. With so many other things in life, getting started investing in stocks can seem like a high hurdle to jump but once you get over the first hurdle and learn how to do it, it is much easier than a lot of people expect – that’s my experience when I train new investors in my investing training sessions . For example, I help people choose a broker and open a trading account – they make the decision themselves, but I help with

How To Regain Your Confidence in A Declining Market

This article is for you if you’re confused; in doubt about investing or having difficulties coping right now in the bear market . These days the market is up one day and down the next. What I experience from some people is a loss of faith in the stock market because stocks are continuing to decline. If you are a beginner value investor and have bought stocks at a margin of safety price but the stock price of your wonderful business is continuing to decline, my advice to you is to review the case you built using your checklist . Read the case, reflect, and review what you wrote. In my experience this will restore faith. An important discipline within value investing is being the devil’s advocate and inverting the case of your wonderful business. In this environment it’s easier to think in “worst case scenarios” – add those scenarios to your notes and reflect on how this company will survive these scenarios. Remember to be realistic – don’t be overly pessimistic just because the market i

Announcing The Investing Mastermind Podcast

Today I have some news to share. I’m so excited and thankful because a new investing podcast is launching today: The Investing Mastermind Podcast is created in collaboration between myself and my friend and business partner Michelle Marki . The idea behind the podcast is to share everything we have learned about value investing from our mentors: Warren Buffett, Guy Spier, Phil Town, Danielle Town and Monish Pabrai. The podcast is created for beginner investors and people who are looking for a proven investing strategy.   Because you’re a reader I will give you the unique opportunity before anyone else to ask questions that you’d like Michelle and I to answer in the show. Please send an email to   The idea behind the IMP name is the power of the collective mind: the mastermind. When lots of great minds come together our collective knowledge increases and magnificent things happen. The goal is to create an educational show in collaboration with the au

Here’s What I Would Do If We’re Heading into A Recession

There’s a lot of headlines and talk about recession these days and you might have heard news that we are already in a recession while other experts say we aren’t. In the USA a nonprofit academic panel that has the task of identifying recessions - The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) - has not identified that we're in a recession.  Past recessions identified by NBER - click for large image I can’t say whether we’re heading into a recession or something else is coming up, but I can feel that my own patterns have changed recently, and my priorities aren’t the same. This has made me think about what I would do in case we do see further slowdown in the economy. I already know that my investing strategy is just perfect for this type of environment, but there are definitely some extra cautionary steps I would take. Here’s what I would do: 1. Buy Quality Stocks  Behind every stock is a business and I would go for quality businesses. Here's a watch-out though: When some peopl