Announcing The Investing Mastermind Podcast

Today I have some news to share. I’m so excited and thankful because a new investing podcast is launching today: The Investing Mastermind Podcast is created in collaboration between myself and my friend and business partner Michelle Marki.

The idea behind the podcast is to share everything we have learned about value investing from our mentors: Warren Buffett, Guy Spier, Phil Town, Danielle Town and Monish Pabrai. The podcast is created for beginner investors and people who are looking for a proven investing strategy.

Because you’re a reader I will give you the unique opportunity before anyone else to ask questions that you’d like Michelle and I to answer in the show. Please send an email to


The idea behind the IMP name is the power of the collective mind: the mastermind. When lots of great minds come together our collective knowledge increases and magnificent things happen. The goal is to create an educational show in collaboration with the audience and with our mentors and that this collective brain will generate new opportunities for learning and success for everyone in the audience.

Further the title is an ode to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger - the great masterminds of value investing of today.


Michelle Marki and I are both value investors and we initially met on social media because we both are passionate about sharing our strategy with everyone who will listen. After a few online meetings and keeping connected through WhatsApp, Michelle and I were able to meet in person back in May. We both attended Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting for Shareholders - an event hosted by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, who are our big role models. During the event we both shared the idea of creating a podcast and the idea about a partnership came to life in the months after the event.

Now, after months of planning and preparation it’s finally here. Please go give the podcast a follow where you usually listen to podcasts - I’ve linked to our show on the most popular podcast platforms below. We come out every Tuesday and you can listen to the podcast on your way to or from work- exactly like Michelle and I do with our favorite podcast shows.

Click on any of the icons below to go to the show on your preferred podcast app:



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