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Unpredictable Markets and Value Investing

These days a lot of people are reaching out to me asking what to do in these market conditions. You might be in the same situation. Maybe you've lost money because you bought at a time where the market was really high and now, you’re in red, and have lost money on buying stocks (not everyone know that stocks can be expensive – that’s ok, I’ve been there myself). This might help explain the market condition and also what you can do. What happened? Lately the stock market has been shaken by several events. First the American federal reserve announced they would be raising interest rates – read about it here . And now Russia invaded Ukraine – an event that has particularly impacted us Europeans and personally has given me nightmares. My heart is with my fellow Europeans in Ukraine, and everyone affected by this terrible war. This post will focus on the financial markets during this terrible time, to give some insights to people who is confused about the stock market. Waking up to the

Free Resources to Learn From Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger is someone that most people in the world have never heard of, but the American billionaire investor is worth knowing! He is Warren Buffett’s partner and right hand, and the duo is the most successful investors with decades of 20% return per year. Buffett as on several occasions attributed his huge success to Munger.  In the beginning of Warren Buffett’s career Buffett invested in any stock that was for sale cheaper than the value of the company. For example, the value of the company (buildings, machines, inventory etc.) could be worth $100 per share, but the stock was trading at $50 per share because of some crisis. Munger introduced Buffett to the concept of looking at quality in a business and paying a little bit more per share of stock – instead of buying businesses in trouble for dirt cheap.  After this mindset change Buffett has said: “ It's Far Better to Buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair Price, than a Fair Company at a Wonderful Price. ” And that quote is the e

Which Investing Podcast Should You Listen To?

There’s so much information about investing, and it can be difficult to know who and what to listen to. I have chosen to follow Warren Buffett and Buffett style investors because he has 60+ years of outstanding track record. His investing strategies work! These podcasts all follow the same style of investing, which is why I highly recommend these: We Study Billionaires This is a gem of a podcast because it’s incredibly well-produced - great sound, well planned and continues to be interesting to listen to. You'll find a mix of interviews, deep-dives, reviews, “panels” with multiple guests called masterminds and you'll learn so much from listening to this entertaining podcast. Go to Podcast InvestED A dad teaches his grown-up daughter how to invest like Warren Buffett. The very first value investing podcast I listened to, and great for new investors. I’ve heard all the episodes – some episodes multiple times (I take a note of the podcast number and theme and revisit the topic aga

When is the Right Time to Sell?

This article is inspired by a Facebook post in one of the many groups where people discuss stocks and the stock market. In the post the author was celebrating that he was right about foreseeing a correction in the market, and the everyone should’ve been listening to him and selling their stocks on the top. That post inspired this article about: when is the right time to sell? No one has a crystal ball that can predict the stock market. Every day some random person, expert or investing guru out there is announcing a crash or a boom. The fact is that no one can predict exactly when it will happens and if you sold on the top of the market, you were lucky. Timing the market is not possible. “Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.” Warren Buffett However, it is possible to invest intelligently and that’s what I write about here on this blog and teach in my course   and in my investing webinars . You must understand the business, ch