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When Can You Buy Stocks on Sale?

I often talk about buying stocks on sale and I thought: why not use this occasion Black Friday and Cyber Monday to share more information with you about the concept of stocks going on sale. I absolutely love buying great items on sale and some of my favorite wardrobe items are bought on sale. One time I was in Stockholm on a business trip and on my way back from the trade fair I went to a design store in the city. The store had a sale and because the Swedish currency was very weak at the time I was able to buy two designer bags at a 90% discount. 70% sale and the 20% was because of the weakness of the Swedish Krona. It was high quality purses at an incredible bargain price and I use the bags frequently and I'm so grateful to own two beautiful leader bags of a high quality. And stocks go on sale too. Let me explain how you should buy quality at a discount in the stock market. Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down. W

How to Copy The Best Investors - Buy What They're Buying

Some of the best investors of all time does it: Copy other super investors. For example, guru investors like Charlie Munger and Mohnish Pabrai - they model the best investors and by doing that they secure an outstanding rate of return. Actually both Munger and Pabrai recommend copying as an investing strategy. But who are the best investors and how can you find out what they're buying and copy their trades? I'll share my learnings and knowledge about it in this article. I believe in the discipline of mastering the best that other people have ever figured out. I don’t believe in just sitting down and trying to dream it all up yourself. Nobody’s that smart. Charlie Munger Every quarter the holdings of top money managers in the US are published. In these documents you can see which stocks these investment managers bought, sold, and held on to. These filings are called 13F forms and reported quarterly from investment managers with $100 million or more under management. When these f

Are You Paying Too Much for Stocks?

Taylor buys a new smartphone for $150. But the retail price of this phone is $100. Why would Taylor buy a phone for 50 more than the retail value? Buying stocks at a higher price than their value happens all the time in the stock market, and if you’re uncertain of what you’re doing when you’re investing, it could happen to you.  Buying a stock means that you own a share of a company. And a company is worth something. Think about the buildings, inventory, machines – the cash they have - and many other assets. Imagine if you had to buy that entire company today, what would it cost? A value investor wants to know what the company is worth – the intrinsic value - and then we want to know the company value per share. That sounds like quite a large task, right? To add up all the company’s assets to find out what your earnings would be – the owner’s earnings. But it’s not really when you have the right tools and an understanding of what you have to add up.  When I started investing, I didn’t

The Path To Financial Freedom

I love my job and thrive working, but one day it dawned on me, that I would be working until I was 70 years old. And the next thought was that I have a lot of dreams about what I want to do when I retire – when I have time. Like travelling and focusing on my hobbies, spending time with loved ones. But when I retire, I might not have the health that my dreams require – maybe I do, but the risk of not being vigorous is there. And that is why I’m not only investing but studying daily and focusing on my investment cases and teaching others how to invest with confidence. The reason I started the blog is because I’m so passionate about sharing this strategy which I know works, with everyone who wants to listen and is interested in their future. I’ve been investing since 2005 and for many years I had no idea - like so many other people - about what investing really was. Or that there was a difference between speculating, trading, and investing. And I tried to find information about investing