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Download an Investing Checklist


The most important artefact for an investor is the checklist. Used by super-investors like Phil Town, Charlie Munger, Tom Gaynor and many more! 

Free Goal Setting Workshop

I’ve created a Goal Setting guide - a workshop - that you can download for free – read this article first (because there’s some additional information in the article) and then use the guide when you’re ready for setting the goals.
Download - tap here

Use this guide to:
  • Set inspiring goals 
  • Develop a plan
  • Create momentum
  • Design the life you envision
Download the free guide here

Free Training about Value Investing

Investing in stocks can be an emotional journey. It doesn't have to be! Clicking the “buy stock” button with confidence and certainty that you’re investing in a wonderful company and knowing you bought it at a great price. Thinking about your future of a life with abundance to do what YOU want to do. No more fear of missing out in the stock market or hoping that the stock goes up.

Partner Money Mindset Questions

Download this great partner exercise where you can ask each other questions and reflect on shared money habits, patterns and goals. Perfect for a long road trip or a date at home. 
PS: also works if your partner is you!

Learn how to invest with this 12-month Investing Practice

Get 12 months of investing topics for free. In this free 12-month investing guide you’ll find topics, which gives you energy, delight and joy - but also probably topics where you’d have to stretch. Stretching is learning something that you know very little of today. It’s where you know that you’ll have to stretch and really lean in to understand. A great way of building confidence in making investing decisions.


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