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5 Hacks to Make You Feel Abundant

Feeling abundant and allowing yourself to indulge is one of the hacks that I've implemented to brighten a normal day. To embrace feeling extravagant and having wealth circulating in your life.  In this article you'll get 5 tips to how you can shape your life to feel abundant every single day. Some people will get triggered by this article because it contains words like wealth, money, luxury, and abundance. If you find yourself cringing or wanting to click away from this article it could be because you have some underlying limiting beliefs and get triggered by those words. If you notice being uncomfortable when you’re reading but feel brave and ready to work on your mindset  check this free money mindset exercise .  Tip 1: Indulge in a small luxury item. Find a small luxury item that will make you feel extravagant. It might be craft beer, Chanel nail polish, lighting an expensive scented candle, eating using the expensive china on a normal weekday or some other small luxury thin

3 Mistakes Beginner Stock Owners Make

Have you bought your first stock or maybe an ETF? For many people buying your first stock or other asset can be nerve-wrecking and clicking that “buy-button” takes courage. And now your stocks are in red and you’re not sure that this new venture was a good idea for you. There’s hope ahead because in this article I'll share some of the mistakes new stock holders make and if you made any of these mistakes, then forgive yourself. I've made made the same mistakes as a beginner and what changed for me was to learn about investing. Because many beginner shareholders make the mistake of speculating or trading instead of investing. Everyone is buying stocks with the hope that the asset will be worth more in the future, but a lot of beginners don’t know how to accomplish this. Here are 3 mistakes most of us have made when we were new investors and the answer to how to not do the mistakes again. 1) Not knowing the difference between stock price and value. Some people don’t know that the

Guest Article: How to Prepare for A Bear Market

Today I'm honoured to share a guest article written by Wes Chambers also known as @investingwithwes .  Wes is a value investor from UK, and he is an amazing content creator that you should go follow on Instagram . His signature content is company valuations and from time to time he shares background information about the value investing methodology and the piece I’m sharing with you today is one of these fundamental . Check back on the blog this fall for more articles from Investing With Wes . How to Prepare for A Bear Market By Wes Chambers What Is a Bear Market? A bear market is when a market experiences prolonged price declines. It typically describes a condition in which securities prices fall 20% or more from recent highs amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment. Bear markets are often associated with declines in an overall market or index like the S&P 500, but  individual securities or commodities can also be considered to be in a bear market if they expe

Free Masterclass: Learn How to Invest

Join this free 1-hour virtual Masterclass for beginners. Learn how to get started with investing this year.  The Masterclass has already taken place but stay tuned for more classes in the future.  As you think about starting investing or getting a set strategy, and what you need to make that happen - if training, coaching and mentoring from me can help you hit your goal faster, then please do reach out Why Join This Masterclass? Is it stressful for you that you still haven't started investing in stocks? Don't worry you can still learn to invest using these simple principles, easily remembered, and straightforward steps.  You might be reluctant to start invest because it's risky. Or don't have the time to get started. Maybe you think you have to have lots of money to start investing. I procrastinated getting started for years because I was fearful of loosing my hard earned money. But after years of research, seminars and books I found this investing style. It is low risk

The Importance of Trend

For those of you who’ve followed the blog for a while: I hope you didn’t choke on your coffee when you read the headline. I often mention that value investors don't follow trends. I can assure you, that this blog post is not about what will be trendy in the future, but the importance of a trend and looking back in time to spot trends in a company’s financials. As investors we find a company that we are excited to be a shareholder of and then we investigate the business to ensure that it’s a wonderful business. A healthy business that we want to invest our hard-earned money in. And to get to that level of certainty, we look to the past to determine the probabilities of this business being healthy in the future. To do that the trend is important.  We have 3 important numbers that we track to determine if a business is healthy or sickly. ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) ROE (Return on Equity) Profit Margin If you need a refresher on what is behind these numbers, check this article