5 Hacks to Make You Feel Abundant

Feeling abundant and allowing yourself to indulge is one of the hacks that I've implemented to brighten a normal day. To embrace feeling extravagant and having wealth circulating in your life. 

In this article you'll get 5 tips to how you can shape your life to feel abundant every single day. Some people will get triggered by this article because it contains words like wealth, money, luxury, and abundance. If you find yourself cringing or wanting to click away from this article it could be because you have some underlying limiting beliefs and get triggered by those words. If you notice being uncomfortable when you’re reading but feel brave and ready to work on your mindset check this free money mindset exercise

Tip 1: Indulge in a small luxury item.

Find a small luxury item that will make you feel extravagant. It might be craft beer, Chanel nail polish, lighting an expensive scented candle, eating using the expensive china on a normal weekday or some other small luxury thing that will make you feel abundant every time you use it.

My own story with this was that at a work event we stayed at a 5-star spa hotel abroad and the hotel served a specific brand of tea that I found really good. So, on the way home I stopped at a tea shop to buy some. It was expensive and I bought 2 packages. Every time I drank the tea, I felt really extravagant. I found my best cup and really enjoyed every sip. And it may sound silly, but it felt good because I allowed myself to go all in on the feeling. The trick here is to allow yourself to feel extravagant.

Affiliate disclosure: The suggestions below contain affiliate links to Amazon, and they pay me a commission for every sale made through the affiliate links.


Tip 2: Rename accounts in mobile banking app.

Most banks allow you to rename your bank accounts. This is often done in your mobile banking app or online bank solution. This means that you can choose any name you would like. So why not call your savings account your Freedom Money, or Millionaire Account or F**ck You Fund? And choose “Money Loves Me” instead of “general checking account”. Every time you open the mobile banking app these names will make you feel good. 

Here are some more examples:

  • Abundance Account
  • Sharing is Caring
  • I love money
  • Wealth Building
  • Joy and Freedom
  • 7 Million Goal
  • Millionaire Account
  • Financial Freedom
  • Joy of Life
  • I am Wealthy
  • I am Abundant
  • Money comes to me
  • Avalanches of abundance
  • Wealth in my life
  • For My Desires
  • For My Goals
  • Infinite Abundance
  • Gratitude Fund
  • Gratefulness
  • Cash is King

Tip 3: Pay for someone’s groceries.

You’re in line at the store and the person in front of you is short of money and have to give some of the groceries back. This is where you can volunteer to pay for the groceries that they would otherwise not have been able to buy. It’s such a small gesture and you’re abundant enough to do it!

I’ve done this at my local stores and it immediately gives me a shot of feel-good and feeling abundant.  

Tip 4: Focus on the good things you already have.

Send some good thoughts to the things you already own. Appreciate your stuff. This will trigger those who doesn't believe in acquiring external rewards. But this is not about accumulating more but rather showing appreciation for what we have. Most of us have some items that have significance to us. It doesn’t have to be luxury but something special to you that you can look at and appreciate. Like an heirloom item or something that reminds you of an extraordinary time. Pause and think about how much joy that item gives you and savor the blissful feeling of joy and abundance in owning that thing. 

Tip 5: Rename your phone folders.

This is a tip I picked up on Instagram, so you might have seen it.  Some smartphones allow you to organize the home screen and organize apps in folders. The generic suggestions from ex. an iPhone is “utilities”, “music” and “social”. But you can rename the folder to “I am rich”, “I am supported”, “I am productive” “I am having fun” and other affirmations or use inspirational emojis instead of text.


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