Free Masterclass: Learn How to Invest

Join this free 1-hour virtual Masterclass for beginners. Learn how to get started with investing this year. 

The Masterclass has already taken place but stay tuned for more classes in the future. 

As you think about starting investing or getting a set strategy, and what you need to make that happen - if training, coaching and mentoring from me can help you hit your goal faster, then please do reach out

Why Join This Masterclass?

Is it stressful for you that you still haven't started investing in stocks? Don't worry you can still learn to invest using these simple principles, easily remembered, and straightforward steps. 

You might be reluctant to start invest because it's risky. Or don't have the time to get started. Maybe you think you have to have lots of money to start investing. I procrastinated getting started for years because I was fearful of loosing my hard earned money. But after years of research, seminars and books I found this investing style. It is low risk and stable rewards. 

To me it is more risky to not invest because as a business professional I know I will have to stay behind the desk until I'm 70 years old. And I prefer to become financially independent and retire early - and get a sum of extra money for fun with my family on the road there.

In This Masterclass You Will Get:

In this Masterclass you will learn to invest like the most successful investors in the world. What you won't get is speculating or trading and I'm not going to teach you how to become a five-minute-millionaire. What you will get is the method behind the snowball effect: How you can compound your money year for year through value investing and the money-snowball gets bigger and bigger.

Money Compounding

You will get:



Who is Signe Lonholdt?

My mission is to transform the way we invest. For you to feel confident and certain in your investing decisions. My investing principles comes from proven experts such as Warren Buffett, Guy Spier and Phil Town. This is not an over-night fast-track to getting rich - it's a mindset change that will help you to not loose money and thrive making your own investing decisions.

"This style of investing works and that is why I'm super passionate about teaching it to others. So others too can feel liberated and confident making own investing decisions." 

Signe Lonholdt

I live in Denmark with my Danish-American family of 4, am an educated journalist within business, economic and financial journalism and now a marketing executive at the number 1 most highly regarded company in the world - LEGO Group. I live an abundant life in our house with a beautiful cityscape on one side and lush green hills on the other. I made a little video about it - watch it below

When, where and how do I join?

The Masterclass is a free online class, where you will learn how to invest. 

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