Which Investing Podcast Should You Listen To?

There’s so much information about investing, and it can be difficult to know who and what to listen to. I have chosen to follow Warren Buffett and Buffett style investors because he has 60+ years of outstanding track record. His investing strategies work! These podcasts all follow the same style of investing, which is why I highly recommend these:

We Study Billionaires

This is a gem of a podcast because it’s incredibly well-produced - great sound, well planned and continues to be interesting to listen to. You'll find a mix of interviews, deep-dives, reviews, “panels” with multiple guests called masterminds and you'll learn so much from listening to this entertaining podcast.

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A dad teaches his grown-up daughter how to invest like Warren Buffett. The very first value investing podcast I listened to, and great for new investors. I’ve heard all the episodes – some episodes multiple times (I take a note of the podcast number and theme and revisit the topic again and again). I highly recommend this podcast.

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Chai With Pabrai

This is such a brilliant idea because every time guru investor Mohnish Pabrai does a virtual Q&A or interview at a university, he records the session. We get all the reflections, questions and answers from this super investor and close acquaintance of Charlie Munger (who Warren Buffett’s business is partner). The sound quality is not the best so it’s difficult to hear if you’re in a vehicle.

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The Acquirers Podcast

The content in podcast is more advanced than the others, so this is great if you have some experience with value investing. Tobias Carlisle, fund manager and author, has an absolute brilliant mind and shares his strategies and discuss recent events with his co-hosts Bill Brewster and Jacob Taylor (author of The Rebel Allocator).

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The Education of a Value Investor

I want to mention this podcast, though it’s not always about investing. What Guy Spier focuses on and mentions in newsletters and podcasts are topics you’d want to follow. It's got so much substance and depth. Guy Spier is a value investor, fund manager, author of “The Education of a Value Investor” and acquaintance of Warren Buffett.

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I'm That

Last, I’m going to plug a podcast featuring me. Eitan Chitayat interviewed me for his podcast "I’m That" and you can listen to the episode here. Besides the podcast with me you’ll find episodes featuring Guy Spier, value investor and my mentor, as well as best-selling author William Green, who has interviewed some of the most brilliant investing minds of all times and some of these interviews are in his book “Richer, Wiser, Happier”.

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