How I discovered value investing

I’ll never forget the day I discovered value investing, my investing style of preference. Because it changed my life. It changed how I view the world; my relationship money and what success looks like for me. It’s about growth and learning. 

It was summer, my husband and kids were at the grandparents, so I had plenty of time on my own. My plan was to enjoy the days of solitude by reading a couple of books on my booklist. 

Summer of Investing, 2019

On July 13th 2019, I opened the book “Invested” by Danielle Town and Phil Town for the first time and by that action I opened a whole new chapter of my life. I found a new passion and was rekindled with a passion I had almost forgotten: reading. It was like the universe coming together and I was ripe and ready to receive. I’m so incredibly grateful because it was the perfect timing to open that book. 

In the book Phil Town, a long-time investor, teaches his lawyer daughter, Danielle, about investing – the Warren Buffett-Charlie Munger style of investing. On page 23 was where the magic happened: 

 “The truth was that I had to make 3 percent or better just to keep my money from becoming worth less each year,” 

reflected Danielle after her farther showed her a chart of how inflation would eat her saving year after year. I mean – I knew about inflation of course – but I had never thought of this. That by saving money in the bank, my money would lose its worth as the years went by. In order for that not to happen it was pivotal to invest the money. And Phil Towns solution was perfect for a non-risk-taker like me: find wonderful businesses and invest like an owner. I was blown away. 

Every time I think about this, I can feel the same sensation in my body as this sunk in on that summer evening in 2019. It’s a day that’s marked in my calendar and it’s a day of celebration. My family wasn’t there with me on that day in 2019 but together we celebrated my first year as an investor because I want them with me on my journey of personal growth, constantly learning and one day accomplishing financial freedom and experiencing this freedom together.


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