Why Aahus Investing? From failure to future

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Aahus Investing is the name of my venture and with a name like that there must be a story, right? Aahus Investing is built on a foundation of failure. 

Back in 2011 I bought a couple of web domains for investing purposes. I had read some stories about how big companies would buy domains for a large sum and I wanted to jump on the wagon and earn some easy money. 

However, to this day I know nothing about selling domains and I had no idea what I got myself into. So, today 10 years after, I still have some of the domains I purchased back then. I have 32 domains left and only 1 contact to purchase (which was right after I purchased a domain and for the price I paid), and 3 domains I’ve used for blogs. It wasn’t until I learned about “real” investing that I found out that 

Investing is knowing what you’re doing, and the rest is just speculation. 

To remember this important learning, I’ve decided to use one of the web domains for my investing venture instead of buying a new domain. I googled my domain names to find out which name had the highest  search results. Out of the domains with most search results I had to choose again to ensure the name made sense to me. I liked Aahus because it's close to the city name of Aarhus, where I live, plus I’ve noticed how many value investors and investors I admire name their companies. Berkshire, Oaktree, Farnam Street, Eagle, Bridgewater, Himalaya – this list definitely needs an Aahus in there! 

Welcome to Aahus Investing – here, I’ll share my failures… and successes. I hope you'll enjoy the content.


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