Books to Help You Overcome Fear in a Mixed Market

Are you feeling fear in the current mixed stockmarket conditions? When checking the overall stock market conditions these days the prices a down, then up again and the instability leads to an increase in fear and questions on social media. For value investors this is the ideal environment because we are "buying the dip". In my network of value investors, we are excited to buy our favorite businesses when they go one sale. I’m incredibly grateful to have found value investing because I used to be very anxious and stressed during a period like this. These days I invest in great companies on sale. I feel calm and even excited when the market is down so I can buy some quality stocks at a discount. 

The reason I’m sharing this is because there might be people out there who are feeling like I used to feel, and I want to share my knowledge with everyone, so everyone is able to invest while being calm and confident. Please reach out to me, if you want me to be your trainer and if you want me to teach you my investing method. I currently have a great offer for readers.

In this mixed market, these are great books for you if you would like to learn how to not feel fearful in a declining stock market. The learnings from these books will give you a foundation for understanding how to invest with certainty and confidence. Please note that though you can listen to these as audio books, I recommend the hard copy or digital book because of visuals and because they're great for looking up info.

Phil Town: Rule #1

This is an excellent beginner’s book, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s one of those books that if you follow his strategies, you can sleep well at night even when the market is down. In this book you’ll learn the strategies to invest in companies and hold for the long term – just like Warren Buffett. I’ve read all Phil’s books, listened to his podcast for years, watched videos with Phil and back in 2019 I attended his workshop in Atlanta. Recently I met some of Phil’s trainers and just like Phil they’re kind and intelligent people. It’s this kind of people and community that I want to be a part of.

Mary Buffett: Buffettology

When Mary Buffett was married to Warren Buffett’s youngest son, she would sit at the dinner table and soak up all the wisdom that Buffett shared about investing. In this book Mary Buffett shares proven techniques for investing successfully in changing markets. A great read for a new investor and it will give you insights you need in these market conditions.
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Tip: There’s also a Buffettology Workbook, so you can practice what you’ve learnt.

Philip A. Fisher: Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

This book is likely not the first book you should read as a new investor, but definitely a book to dive into once you’ve read Rule #1 or Buffettology. Once you have the foundation from beginner books you'll immediately understand the concepts in this book. It’s very easy to read and understand and it comes with a recommendation from “The Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett. He called this a "very, very good book" and I agree.

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Daniel Pecaut: University of Berkshire Hathaway

This book gives an overview of the content in all Warren Buffett’s annual meetings and annual letters since the early 1980’s. If you’re new to investing I recommend that you read Buffettology or Rule #1 or other beginner books first and then add this to your library for more context about investing in any market condition including the current stock market. It's not because the book is difficult to read, it's simply because it will add context to what you already know.
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Benjamin Graham: The Intelligent Investor

This book requires some focus and depending on your willingness to climb a steep mountain could be the first investing book you read. Graham is considered the founding father of investing and he was Warren Buffett’s mentor. After Buffett read the book, he changed his investing style from technical analysis to value investing. The book is difficult to read but is considered the most important book in value investing and great to read in this mixed market. I agree that it’s an important book but there are far easier books to read out there that will teach out about investing too.
More about The Intelligent Investor

I hope that you found these book recommendations valuable and that the books can help you gain insights into investing for the long term and buy wonderful business at a sale. Before you leave I wanted to give you a special offer for my next Investing Workshop - click here to read more.

For disclosure: The links contain affiliate links to Amazon, and they will pay me a commission from every sale.

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