How Do You Find Out What Billionaires Are Buying?

It is very easy to find out which stocks billionaires like Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio are buying and selling. Fund managers with more than 100 million under management must report to the governing body – the American securities and exchange commission SEC – which stocks they are buying and selling. This is done through 13F reports and the most recent report came out Monday. The report comes out quarterly and I have a calendar reminder on my phone, so I remember to check what has been sold and bought.

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Mohnish Pabrai, a multi-millionaire investor actually started using the copying strategy, where he copied Buffett’s investments. He describes his strategy in his book “The Dhando Investor''. The link is an affiliate link to Amazon and I recommend the audio book. Copying Buffett made him rich. But it can easily end as a bad strategy if you don't know what you’re doing. I don’t just buy what the millionaires are buying because it can be very risky to do that.  For example if one of the billionaires sell all their holdings in a stock – then you can end up being stuck with a ”worthless” piece of paper. I know because I’ve made the mistake, so I don’t recommend taking the same route as Pabrai. He has since changed investing strategy and his new strategy inspired by his mentor Charlie Munger is very, very interesting to follow. Munger is Buffett’s investing partner. 

The reason I’m sharing what billionaires buy is because you can get inspired for stocks to put on your wish list. Always study these companies using Buffett’s 4 principles. Read about Buffett’s investing strategy here.

Where can you see what Buffett is buying?
There are several websites that pull the data from the 13F reports and it will take you just a few minutes to get updated on billionaire’s stock portfolios.


This website has a lot of the investors that I like to follow, and you can quickly get an overview of their most recently updated portfolios. There’s a long list of value investors – investors that follow Warren Buffett’s strategy, so this is a great resource for you if you like that style of investing. You know I do. Check this video to see how to find Warren Buffett’s portfolio on Dataroma.

Guru Focus

This used to be my go-to place for finding Guru investor stock portfolios but there are other resources today like Dataroma or Whale Wisdom that I find easier to use. I still want to mention the website in case that you will like this overview more than the other resources I’ve shared.

Whale Wisdom is another great resource where you get a visual overview of the composition of Buffett’s portfolio over the years. The website has a lot of fund managers but note that you must know the name of their funds to find the data. For example, to find Buffett’s portfolio you’ll have to search for Berkshire Hathaway. To find out what Ray Dalio is investing in search for Bridgewater Associates. Dalio is not a value investor but has his own “all-weather” investing strategy, which is more complicated in my opinion but I find that Dalio is a very inspiring person to follow. On Whale Wisdom you can also search for stocks and see who is holding these businesses in their portfolio.

There are other websites out there that have the same information, but these are my favorite resources to quickly find out what billionaires are buying. 

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