Which Stocks Will Be Trendy in The Future?

The headline is a question that I often see posted in groups on social media. You might be thinking about this too which might be why you clicked the link to the article. But let me share a secret with you that many of the pro’s know, but only a few amateur investors know: investing is not about predicting trends.

So, before you read on let me tell you honestly, that you’ll not find the answer for what will be trendy in the future in this article instead I’ll share what the pro investors do. 

If you want to invest like the most successful investor – Warren Buffett, number 5 on Forbes’ Billionaire list – you don’t need to try to guess what will be trendy in the future. You don’t need to wonder if you should invest in hydrogen because some host on a radio show speculated it might be a future source of fuel, in diabetes medicine because you’re guessing that increasing obesity would result in more sales for pharmaceuticals, in gold mines because the future is unpredictable etc. etc. 

Instead of trying to predict what is trendy, you should look at what are some necessities that you need regardless of what will be trendy in the future. People need nutritious food to live, clothing to keep our bodies warm, we need something to communicate with to keep connected with family and friends living far away and we need to feel special, rewarded and getting a treat from time to time – some of us by getting a piece of chocolate, a small luxury item or a book.  

"Take Wrigley's Chewing Gum. I don't think the Internet is going to change how people chew gum."

Warren Buffett

Try to think about things that people need, what you need and find a business with a product or item you love to use, a restaurant you rave about, or a tool or application that’s essential for you to do your job well. And then the next step is to open Aahus Investing's free checklist and start understanding that awesome business better to see if it’s a good investment – the winner in their industry.

I hope this article was insightful and if you invest this way, you will get more certainty because you won’t rely on a guess of a future that might not happen or might happen, but other products solved the problem – not the product you thought was the solution. You rely on luck. Invest in something you know about; use the checklist and you’ll experience that you’re making confident and smart investing decisions.


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