What are the Best Free Websites for Investors?

What are the best free websites for investors? And how do you use them? I wanted to share this with you because there’s so much free information out there that can give you an amazing advantage. You can get a wealth of insights to a business and easily get an indication if the business is healthy or not by using the websites below. 

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Yahoo Finance

You can use Yahoo Finance for news and numbers on wonderful businesses. When you do research on a wonderful business, you want to keep up to date with important news. I don’t read every single article because a lot of the updates aren’t necessarily important, but I keep myself updated. I can also see important numbers that I use for valuation of the business (calculating how much I should pay for the stock).


You can use Macrotrends for getting data back in time, for example in the investor checklist, there’s an easy calculation using PE ratio (price-earnings) to find a desirable PE level for buying a stock. The calculation asks for PE 5 years back in time and Macrotrends will show you pas PE ratios.

Guru Focus

Guru Focus is a great site, and you can use it for many things. For example, you can see which stocks “guru” investors have invested in, you can find valuable information on a company – for example a chart showing the debt to cash. It will also show you if management is selling their stocks. Read more about how to copy super investors in my article: How to Invest Like the Super Investors.


You can use this site in the very beginning of your research to check a few numbers: ROIC, profit margin and ROE. I wrote about these key numbers in the article: “What Are My First Steps? (The Easy Way to Get Started).

Investor Relations on any publicly traded company’s website

All publicly traded companies have a site where investors can read and download information about the business. For example, you can find earnings calls and listen in on sessions where the CEO and management answer questions about the business. This gives you insights to what the management team is like and how the business is doing. To find this go to any publicly traded business’ website and look for a link to investors or investor relations (or Google search company name + investor relations).

Seeking Alpha

This site is good for news and analysis on companies because investors share their analysis on businesses and some of these are free. You'll need to create an account to get access to the free content. You can also subscribe to newsletters about your wonderful businesses.

If you want to know more about how to get started investing yourself, I offer sessions and courses. My mission is to support new investors making confident investing decisions on their own and I would love to work with you.


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