My Unconventional and Moneymaking birthday wish list

Last year for my birthday was the first time I wished for something outside of what would usually be on my wish list. Usually, my wish list would be full of material things. But now it’s about knowledge building and investing and you can make such a wish list too. Go from liabilities to assets on your wish lists. So here is – the ultimate investors gift guide (and in the comments please do add ideas to investor wishes that I should add to the list).

1 Trip to Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting

To take part in this event it requires that you’re an owner of at least one share in Berkshire Hathaway (BRK:B or BRK:A). It is the ultimate pilgrimage for value investors. I’ve never attended the meeting but before the pandemic changed our lives, I was planning on going – maybe 2022 will be my year!?

2 Coaching and Sparring

I invest in mentors and coaches to leverage my growth, and I recommend getting sparring to get started investing or getting to a new level. There’s a wealth of opportunities and different kind of investing strategies. Value Investing is stress free and add certainty of the future.

Book a session with me and I help you get a plan of exiting the rat race and get energized about your financial future: your investing strategy or investing practice goals, to get focused on which strategies you should pursue over the next years to feel financially free.

3 Shares in a company or index

Have you already found your wonderful company? Is it on sale? If it is put it on your wish list – if it’s on the other hand way overvalued you can follow Warren Buffett’s advice and wish for an investment in the S&P 500 (the 500 biggest companies in US by market cap).

4 Books books books

Books are always a great way to acquire knowledge. If you haven’t already read Warren Buffett’s book recommendations, go here to get inspired for your book wishlist. And remember that you can wish for audio books, hard copies or ebooks. Or wish for a one-year subscription to a book app.

5 Danielle Town newsletter

For my b-day in 2020 I gave myself the present of a year of Danielle Town newsletters. The newsletters are a treasure trove of valuable information and links. With a subscription you get access to the archive too, and you’d want to read all the past letters and click the links because you’ll learn so much.

6 Headspace App

Ok, so you might think this is “out of category” - it’s not and here’s why: Meditation is a way to take a break before taking action. Unlike speculation or day trading, value investors have time. Time to take thought-trough action. Give yourself the gift of learning to get grounded before you click the “buy” button. It takes practice, so do daily or weekly meditations so you’re ready when the stock goes on ”sale” (you can buy it at a margin of safety). In the app there’s even meditation tracks where you get to focus on money, wealth and your finances.

7 Phil Town Rule 1 course

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Phil Town. I am so incredible grateful about how he and his family, his coaches and my fellow “RULERs” have changed my life. I attended the course in-person in 2019 which was an amazing and incredibly rewarding experience and now it’s actually possible to attend online! What an opportunity, so put it on your wish list!

8 Local workshops and meetups

There’s a wealth of workshop and meetup offerings for value and focus investors – either online or in-person. Search in your local language for events and courses – make sure to check recommendations from others in your country or state. Most likely there’s a national association for shareholders that has multiple different workshop offerings from growth investments, over fundamental investing and technical analysis. See if you can find a course that gives you as an investor more knowledge.

9 Courses that complements your practice

Value and focus investors spend a lot of time with annual reports and doing research. Check out courses in your local area or the wealth of courses online to find courses that might compliment your investing practice. Ideas are accounting course, a course in journalism where you learn how to ask questions and do research, history in order to learn about patterns of the past etc. etc. One of the courses that Buffett have praised throughout the years is Dale Carnegie’s communications course.


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