When should I start investing?

At the time this article is published the stock market is at an all-time high. A lot of stocks are super expensive and over-prices, so right now is the perfect time for you to be a value investor. Yes, you read that right!

Right now, is the perfect time to learn about value investing. Value investors are looking for wonderful companies at fair prices and since the prices aren’t fair these days, we can research and study wonderful companies. And if the stock market goes through a correction in the near future, we are ready to grab those wonderful companies at great prices. Use this time right now to your unique advantage and start your investing practice.

If you don’t know about the value investing method right now is the best time to start studying and learning about this style of investing, so you’ll have perspective to make your own investing decisions. You’ll be able to gain knowledge right now, so you can get the confidence to start investing when a wonderful company is up for grabs at a great price. There are a number of great courses out there and I offer a 5-step value investing course.

Utilize the overheated market to accumulate knowledge, immerse yourself in research and to get centred, so that when the price is right when the company's stock price is fair you can enter that stock and be an owner of that company.

This is how I got started and I was ready with my bucket of cash when the market crashed and successfully invested in wonderful companies with great sales growth, a large moat, management with integrity, and the investments have given me a high annual rate of return.

So, enjoy your practice make sure to allocate time every day - if you're busy during the week days find time in the weekends to really immerse yourself into value investing and diving deep into companies that are overvalued right now, but at some point might go on sale for a great price.


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